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Oracle Procurement Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 11

Your customer wants to configure six BUs: five Requisitioning BUs and one BU configured as a shared Procurement BU with only the Procurement function enabled.

How will you define the relationship between the Requisitioning BUs and the Procurement BU?

  1. The Procurement BU must be assigned with the Requisitioning business function in order for it to be a shared services center.

  2. The Payables business function must be assigned in addition to the Procurement business function.

  3. Intercompany transactions need to be defined between the Requisitioning BUs and the Procurement BU.

  4. The Procurement BU needs to be configured as a service provider to the Requisitioning BUs.

Answer: D Explanation:

Without the site assignment model each client BU would be forced to establish its own relationship with the supplier. The service provider relationship between the client BU and procurement BU is defined in the business unit setup.

References: Oracle Procurement Cloud Using Procurement (Release 9), page 30

Question No: 12

While creating a Contract Purchase Agreement, a buyer tries to add a Contract Template

to it, but the List of Values (VOL) is empty. Identify three applicable reasons for this issue.

  1. The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Blanket Purchase Agreement’.

  2. The Contract Template is not ‘Approved’.

  3. The document typeassociated with the Contract Template is ‘Purchase Order’.

  4. The Contract Template is in ‘Approved’ status.

  5. The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Contract Purchase Agreement’.

Answer: C,D,E Explanation:


Your customer wants toconfigure three business units (BUs) as follows: Identify the correct configuration.

  1. The US Header BU needs to be configured as a Payables Payment Service Provider.

  2. The US West BU needs to be configuredas a Customer Payments Service Provider.

  3. The US East BU and US West BU need to be configured as Payables Payment Service Provider.

  4. The US East BU needs to be configured as a Payables Payment Service Provider. Answer: D

Question No: 13

Which three business users can submit a new ?

  1. Category Manager

  2. Supplier Administrator

  3. Catalog Administrator

  4. Warehouse Manager

  5. Self-Service Procurement user

Answer: A,B,E Explanation:

An internal supplier registration can come from one of the following three flows:

Question No: 14

An automobile parts manufacturer has decided to implement only the Cloud Purchasing product from the Oracle Procurement Cloud pillar. Which setup component will not be required for this implementation?

  1. Purchasing Line Types

  2. Negotiation template

  3. Procurement Agents

  4. Document Styles

  5. Procurement Business Function

Answer: B Explanation:


C, E: The following tasks are associated with defining Purchasing configuration using the rapid implementation approach:

D: Purchase order documentstyles allow organizations to control the look and feel of the purchasing document in the application to match its business usage.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/farel8/procurementcs_gs/FASUP/F1175423AN1 242E.htm

Question No: 15

Your customer is a global company and has multiple legal entities across countries: They have the following requirements:

Identify three applicable setups in Oracle Procurement Cloud to fulfill these requirements:

  1. Set up the Default Legal Entity on the Configure Requisitioning Business Process page.

  2. Define a primary route on financial orchestration flow to enforce the sold-to legal entity on a PO.

  3. Set up the “Multiple Legal Entities on Order” value to “Allow” on the Configure Requisitioning Business Process page.

  4. Create Profit Center BU to Party Relationships.

  5. Set up the default procurement business unit for Default Legal Entity in Manage Purchasing Profile Options.

Answer: B,D,E Explanation:

How the Sold-To Legal Entity Is Determined

The following steps are performed in and by the application to determine the sold-to legal entity on a purchase order.

Here is a simplified example of how that might work: References:

https://fusionhelp.oracle.com/helpPortal/topic/TopicId_P_F72B15B6E4B74B74E043B69BF 40A0BA0

Question No: 16

An organization has been receiving incomplete Supplier Profile Data during the supplier onboarding and qualification process.

Identify the way to ensure that the required Supplier Profile data is entered by a supplier during the qualification process.

  1. Create an initiative with questions mapped to supplier attributes.

  2. Create an initiative with questions classified by Subject.

  3. Create an initiative with questions classified by Standards Organization.

  4. Create an initiative with questions Responder Type is internal.

Answer: A

Question No: 17

During Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, all users have been assigned the seeded Employee role. This role inherits HCM-related links such as Benefits and Career. However, the customer does not want these links to appear in the navigator for the employees. You have, therefore, been asked to hide these links so that users do not see them in the navigator when they log in.

Which configuration will you implement so that these links are not visible in the navigator?

  1. “Manage Menu Customizations” in Functional SetupManager

  2. Select menus in Requisitioning Business options

  3. Select menus in Procurement Business options

  4. Define user in Identify Manager

  5. Modify roles in Authorization Policy Manager

Answer: D

Question No: 18

During an implementation, the super user is requesting you to explain how to set up “risks” to be used in the Procurement Contracts by all users. You are in the middle of the year and currently there are few “risks” that are already defined and the organization is planning to introduce new “risks” from New Year’s Day.

Identify the two steps the user should follow to fulfill this requirement.

  1. Wait until year end, inactivate the old risks data on year end, and create and activate new risks from the same day.

  2. Provide an end date as year end for the old risk data,create new risks now, and provide New year’s Day as start date.

  3. Create new risks now, enable those at year end, and disable the old data on year end.

  4. The user needs to delete old risks and create new risks around the year end.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 19

Identify five business functions that must be configured in order to implement a complete Procure-to-Pay business process in Oracle Procurement Cloud.

  1. Incentive Compensation

  2. Receiving

  3. Invoicing

  4. Payments

  5. Inventory

  6. Purchasing

  7. Requisitioning

Answer: B,C,E,F,G

Question No: 20

Identify two activities that a Buying Organization will be able to perform after it provides the Supplier Portal access to Suppliers.

  1. Create Negotiation flow internally on behalf ofprospective suppliers.

  2. Import supplier data and related entities.

  3. Consolidate suppliers and supplier sites to clean up duplicate suppliers or support supplier acquisitions.

  4. Evaluate prospective suppliers by routing their registrations through a collaborative review process by using a flexible rules engine.

  5. Collect information about prospective suppliers through a self-guided registration flow.

Answer: D,E Explanation:

E: The buying organization can collect information about the products and services categories supplied by the company on the registration flow by enabling Products and Services using the Configure Supplier Registration flow.

D: The Supplier Registration process is used by companies to submit their registration request in order to become asupplier of the buying organization. The buying organization then reviews the registration request using a collaborative review process and determines if it wants to consider this company as a new source of supply.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56614_01/procurementop_gs/OAPRC/F1007476A N1079E.htm

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