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Oracle Communications BRM Elastic Charging Engine 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 31

Which three ECE components are storage-disabled Coherence nodes? (Choose three.)

  1. Rated Event Publisher

  2. EM Gateway

  3. Elastic Charging Server

  4. Pricing Updater

  5. BRM Gateway

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 32

Which two rateable usage metric (RUM) expressions can be used to measure the duration of a voice call? (Choose two.)


  2. END_T – START_T

  3. Occurrence


  5. START_T – END_T

Answer: C,D

Question No: 33

Describe the correct flow for generating invoices where Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) is configured to use BI Publisher.

  1. pin_inv_accts generates the invoice data in XML format in the BI Publisher database, then pin_inv_doc_gen calls the BI Publisher API to generate the invoice document.

  2. pin_inv_accts generates the invoice data in XML format in the BRM database, then pin_inv_doc_gen calls the BI Publisher API to retrieve the XML data from the BRM and generates the invoice document.

  3. pin_inv_doc_gen retrieves all the required information from the BRM database and generates the invoice document. pin_inv_accts does not need to be run when using BI Publisher.

  4. pin_inv_accts generates the invoice data in HTML format in the BRM database, then pin_inv_doc_gen calls the BI Publisher API to retrieve the XML data from the BRM and generate the invoice document.

  5. pin_inv_accts calls the BI Publisher API directly and generates the invoice document.

Answer: C

Question No: 34

Which Convergent Charging Controller node directly interfaces with the telecommunications network?

  1. Service Logic Controller (SLC)

  2. Voucher Server (VS)

  3. Short Message Service Center (SMSC)

  4. Home Location Register (HLR)

  5. Service Management System (SMS)

Answer: E

Question No: 35

Which three steps do you need to perform when configuring a flexible 10 days cycle? (Choose three.)

  1. You map the flexible event class to a valid purchase level, for example, /account.

  2. You map the flexible event class to a valid rateable usage metric (RUM).

  3. You create a new event subclass, for example,


  4. You run the pin_cycle_forward utility.

  5. You align the flexible cycle with the accounting cycle.

Answer: A,C,D Explanation: References:

Question No: 36

Select three correct statements regarding suspended payment processing in Billing and Revenue Management (BRM). (Choose three.)

  1. A suspended payment cannot be directly reversed if any portion of the suspended payment has been applied to an account as an unallocated payment.

  2. The properties of a payment cannot be changed after it has been directly reversed.

  3. A payment can be recycled only once.

  4. Only BRM-initiated payments can be suspended and managed by using Payment Center.

  5. The currency of a re-processed payment must match the currency of its original payment.

Answer: B,D,E Explanation:

Reference https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16754_01/doc.75/e16712/pay_payment_suspense_mgmt.htm


Question No: 37

Which data type do you need to configure in Pricing Design Center (PDC) before you define pricing objects?

  1. Billing Data

  2. Setup Objects

  3. Integration Data

  4. Metadata

  5. Subscriber Data

Answer: D

Question No: 38

After a bill run, you notice that some accounts have not been billed and have their PIN_FLD_BILLING_STATUS on /billinfo set to FIN_BILL_ERROR.

After correcting the underlying issue, how do you bill these accounts?

  1. No action is required because the pin_bi11_day script will pick up the unbilled accounts in the next day#39;s bill run.

  2. You need to run pin_hill_accts with the -retry option to process accounts with errors on their /billinfo objects.

  3. You need to run pin_bill_accts with the -clear option to clear the error status onthe

    /billinfo objects.

  4. Accounts with errors on their /billinfo objects will be processed by the pin_bi11_week script.

Answer: B

Question No: 39

Which three statements are correct about defining custom bill items? (Choose three.)

  1. Individual bill items are created at billing time.

  2. The bill item name that you define is displayed on customer invoices, reports, and CSR applications.

  3. You define the type of events that you want the bill item to track by assigning bill items either to an event and service combination or to event attributes.

  4. The custom bill items can track only usage events.

  5. Cumulative bill items accumulate charges throughout the billing cycle.

Answer: B,C,E Explanation:

Reference https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22041_01/doc.74/e25080/bll_flexible_item_assign.htm#autoId 1

Question No: 40

Identify four valid voucher states in the Convergent Charging Controller Voucher Management life cycle. (Choose four.)

  1. Frozen

  2. Created

  3. Redeemed

  4. Ready

  5. Locked

  6. Duplicate

Answer: A,B,C,E Explanation: References:

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