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PeopleSoft Application Developer II:App Engine amp; Integration

Question No: 21 – (Topic 0)

View the Exhibit.

As the developer, what do you need to do to make this PeopleSoft Application Engine program restartable?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Set the state record to derived/work.

  2. Remove all section-level and step-level auto commits.

  3. Nothing more. The Do Select action is set to Restartable.

  4. Select the Disable Restart check box on the Program Properties page.

  5. Deselect the Disable Restart check box on the Program Properties page.

Answer: E

Question No: 22 – (Topic 0)

View the Exhibit.

Which PeopleSoft Application Engine action is represented by the box labeled Test?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Do Select

  2. Do While

  3. Do Until

  4. Do When

  5. Do If

  6. Do Loop

Answer: C

Question No: 23 – (Topic 0)

You use a PeopleCode program to build a dynamic SQL Select statement for an Application Engine program. Where would you place the PeopleCode program?

  1. In a SQL action.

  2. In a SQL definition.

  3. In a PreBuild event.

  4. In a Do While action.

  5. In a Do Select action.

  6. In a PeopleCode action.

Answer: F

Question No: 24 – (Topic 0)

View the Exhibit. Note the values in the CHKPOINT row. This program is taking much longer to run than it needs to.

The ability to restart without compromising data integrity is crucial. The program has the Disable Restart check box deselected.

What is one area of opportunity to cut processing time?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Reduce the frequency of commits.

  2. Reduce the number of checkpoints by using Bulk Insert.

  3. Replace section-level or step-level auto commits with explicit commits within SQL steps.

  4. Use a derived/work record for the state record so that checkpoints are stored in memory instead of in a SQL table.

  5. PeopleCode records checkpoints much more quickly than SQL actions, so execute SQL using PeopleCode actions wherever possible.

Answer: A

Question No: 25 – (Topic 0)

View the Exhibit.

You want to add trace parameters to an Application Engine command line.

Which trace parameters will trace steps, SQL, and PeopleCode?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. TRACE 1 2 256

  2. TRACE 1,2,256

C. TRACE (1,2,256)

  1. TRACE 1 -TRACE 2 -TRACE 256

  2. TRACE 259

  3. TRACE 512

  4. TRACE 12256

Answer: E

Question No: 26 – (Topic 0)

What steps would you take to debug an Application Engine program using the PeopleSoft Application Engine debugger? (Choose all that apply.)

  1. View the Debug log in Process Monitor.

  2. View the results in the Debugger window.

  3. View the file DBG1.tmp in the Temp directory.

  4. Execute the Application Engine program from Application Designer.

  5. In Application Designer, select Debug, Application Engine Debug Mode.

  6. Select the Debug check box on the Process Scheduler tab in Configuration Manager.

  7. On the sign-on page, select the debug settings for PeopleSoft Application Engine


Answer: B,D,F

Question No: 27 – (Topic 0)

Set processing can improve Application Engine performance in many cases by .

  1. caching selected rows in memory

  2. using SQL to process groups of rows at one time

  3. transferring SQL processing from the client to the application server

  4. applying sophisticated data normalization algorithms based on set theory

  5. using precompiled SQL in Application Engine libraries, rather than letting Application Engine parse each statement

Answer: B

Question No: 28 – (Topic 0)

You add a button to a page to run an Application Engine program in synchronous mode. How do you configure the button?

  1. Associate the button with a run control record that passes parameters to Process Scheduler to schedule the process.

  2. Associate the button with FieldChange PeopleCode that uses a Process Request object to schedule the process.

  3. Associate the button with FieldChange PeopleCode that uses a CallAppEngine function to launch the program.

  4. Associate the button with an Application Engine PeopleCode action that passes parameters to a Call Section action.

  5. Associate the button with OnExecute PeopleCode that uses a PSAE command to launch the program.

Answer: C

Question No: 29 – (Topic 0)

Select two uses of the Program Flow view in PeopleSoft Application Engine Designer. (Choose two.)

  1. Testing SQL statements

  2. Ordering the steps in a program

  3. Checking the syntax of PeopleCode

  4. Viewing the expected sequence of steps

  5. Viewing program flow during execution

  6. Launching editors for SQL and PeopleCode

Answer: D,F

Question No: 30 – (Topic 0)

View the Exhibit.

This is the state record for the PSU_CUST_CHG Application Engine program.

How will selecting a Record Type of Derived/Work for the state record affect the program PSU_CUST_CHG at run time?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. It will execute as expected only if it does not update database tables.

  2. It will execute as expected unless the program needs to be restarted.

  3. It will execute, but performance could be improved by using SQL View.

  4. It will abend (abnormal end) because the Record Type for a state record must be SQL Table.

  5. It will abend (abnormal end) because the Record Type for a state record must be Temporary Table.

Answer: B

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